Is There a Relationship Between Stress and Back Pain?

Stress tends to be the cause behind a variety of disorders and ailments. These range from headaches to heart disease. They can impede you with your day-to-day activities and may even worsen if you don’t find ways to deal with and address the problems posed by stress.

Back pain is also one of the disorders that surface due to stress. How does stress and back pain connect and relate to each other? Today, we will look at the back pain and stress relationship and how to address the problem.

What Causes Stress?

In looking at stress and back pain, we need to look at the causes first. Stress tends to occur due to various triggers brought about by both external and internal factors. One of the top triggers happens to be from work.

For instance, possible stressors could come from heavy workloads or working long hours. The lack of satisfaction given by the occupation or management issues can also be sources of stress. It boils down to the tension brought by the work environment and the labor done.

Other sources of stress also come from outside the workplace. Various events in life can bring drastic change and would also be stress triggers. Emotional problems, chronic illness or injury, or loss are among the notable sources of stress that a person can encounter.

Can Stress Cause Back Pain?

Most people don’t realize that stress also manifests in the physical aspects of our bodies. For the physical, it manifests through the tightening of your muscles. This tends to be around the shoulders, neck, and down the spine. You would feel this tension on your back.

Because of this, you would experience moodiness and pain. You would feel sore and it may leave you less active.

How to Treat Stress and Back Pain?

Addressing stress and back pain would need the help of a doctor. For this, they can help you diagnose the source and figure out treatments to help you with this problem. Check with your doctor to see what is the source behind the back pain and take note of their advice on the matter.

If ever that the source does point towards stress, among the treatments that you would need is stress management. Try out the stress management strategies, as well as regular exercise. If you plan to use medications, consult your doctor regarding that matter.

Address Stress and Back Pain in One Go

Seeing the connection between stress and back pain, you need to find a way to address them. For this, check with your doctor for ways to treat back pain. Combine this with some stress management practices to help you address the source of the pain and get relief from it.

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