The Importance of Medical Transcription for Physician Practices

Healthcare providers, physicians, nurses, and paramedical staff are now complaining of burnout more frequently than in the past. The most stressful thing is that they have to remain informed while making sure that they are providing the best medical care. They are required to maintain a record of clinical notes and when there are time constraints limiting their interactions with the patients and when they are entering the data. Some of the healthcare workers choose medical transcriptionist for that purpose, however, it is important to choose the transcriptionist with care, and here’s why.

Bring accuracy to clinical records

Above all of the stressful stuff, in which a physician and primary care provider, is not having proper documentation and record of clinical notes. Proper medical history of a patient is very necessary as it helps in providing the basic and most vital treatment to patients. These records help in citing the previous mode of treatment given to the patient and on the basis of it physician find it easy to take further actions.

Eliminates dependency on time-consuming technologies

Ironically the purpose of almost all the practice management tools is to streamline clinical processes and making clinicians’ jobs easier. However, software tools such as EMR and EHR are consuming a major chunk of physicians’ time and they are reporting an increase in their screen time and decrease in face-to-face interactions with patients. Medical transcription services can help to reduce the screen time of physicians and can eliminate their dependency on such technologies which are taking away their attention from their primary job.

Better patient-provider relationship 

Hiring a professional medical transcriptionist when takes off many responsibilities and most of which are to be performed during the time slots when physicians are seeing patients. So, freeing physicians from time-consuming data entry jobs is helpful in improving the patient-provider relationship. Most of all, when transcriptionist handles clinical notes and takes care of patient health records, physicians get quicker access to records and they perform efficiently.

Transcriptionist create cleaner health records

If a practice has recently switched from a paper-based environment and physicians are not that comfortable with the computers then there are chances that might make mistakes during the data entry process. It is the everyday job of the transcriptionists to create cleaner patient records. They are trained in creating clean records that are free from language errors, typos, and other grammatical mistakes. Clean physician notes are the prerequisite of creating perfect medical claims.

Transcriptions can save time by liberating providers from data entry

Medical Transcription Services have onboard specialists who complete the paperwork which helps a physician to save time and completely focus on improving the quality of care. By hiring medical transcriptionists, physicians can save up a lot of time which they can use to interact with the patients. Having medical transcriptionists transcribe the clinical notes into accurate data is very crucial as they can take off a major data entry task of physicians, allowing them to spend more time with the patients.

To ensure that you are hiring a professional transcriptionist you must take into account the certification and training acquired by the transcriptionists you are planning to hire.

  • An associate degree from a community college
  • Online medical transcription training courses
  • Vocational medical transcription training courses
  • Medical transcription certificates from a specialized program

Having a medical transcription is better than software

Some providers believe in having software that can transcribe their voice records but sometimes it becomes difficult for the voice recognition software to translate accurately and efficiently creating many difficulties for the physician to spare time for corrections. Voice to written notes conversion is just one part of the transcription job, entering them into appropriate sections and making them perfect is what makes human transcriptionist better than software technologies. So, hiring a professional medical transcriptionist is the best option to choose rather than software.

In the current healthcare system, providers are busy with too many other responsibilities and which is making their primary job really difficult to perform in the given time slots. This is why it is important to engage a professional medical transcriptionist to handle the clinical records and associated tasks.

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