The 3 Absolute Best Narrow Walkers for Seniors

Did you know that the number-one cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries among seniors is falling?

As older people continue to age, their overall senses and muscle reactions start to deteriorate and slow down. They aren’t as spry as they once were, making them more vulnerable to potentially life-threatening falls.

So, what can seniors do to protect themselves? Walkers are a great way to compensate for a person’s slowed reflexes and help them get around without stumbling or falling.

If you or a loved one are in need of a walker, here are the best narrow walkers for seniors available on the market today. Just keep reading to find out more!

1. Volaris All-Terrain Patrol Rollator

If you or a senior you know enjoys going on walks or traveling frequently, the Volaris All-Terrain Patrol Rollator is the walker for you.

The large 10-inch wheels grip all types of terrain with a soft-grip tread that doesn’t slip or slide. With this narrow walker, the user will be able to safely navigate snowy driveways, sand, grass, and even cobblestone paths.

The unique and innovative design of this all terrain walker allows the user to stand between the two back wheels, strengthening the user’s center of gravity and decreasing the risk of a fall.

Worried about this walker slipping out from under you? Don’t be! This model makes it so that the user’s weight gets directed down onto the handles and then into the middle of the frame. While most walkers have you standing behind the two back wheels, this walker practically “holds up” the user, mitigating any chance that it would shoot out from under them.

2. NOVA Zoom Rollator

The NOVA Zoom Rollator is more affordable than the aforementioned, and it’s a great alternative to the Volaris if you’re on a budget.

This walker features wide wheels that will help seniors navigate easily over most everyday surfaces including loose gravel, wet grass, and rocky sidewalks. It’s available in 4 different seat heights and includes brakes on the handles.

Searching for a walker that easy to take on the go? The NOVA Zoom Rollator easily folds down so it can be lifted and stored while you’re not using it!

3. NOVA Traveler 3 Wheel Rollator

If you live in a smaller home or find yourself constantly trying to maneuver tight spaces, the tri-wheeled NOVA Traveler is for you. Its innovative design makes it nimble and easy to turn, and the large wheels allow for travel on all kinds of terrain.

The NOVA Traveler 3 Wheel Rollator is one of the best walkers for seniors because it offers a tight turning radius and will help an older person move more swiftly throughout the day. What’s more, this little walker also includes a basket and comes in a variety of colors!

These Narrow Walkers for Seniors Could Save Your Life

Don’t leave yourself or a loved one vulnerable to a fatal fall. Now that you’re aware of the best narrow walkers for seniors, you can protect the elderly people in your life while helping them get around with confidence and ease. Stay safe!

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