How Schools Can Encourage Children to Follow Healthy Habits

Since most children will spend a good part of their weekdays in school, it makes sense that school is the place where the majority of kids are building a lot of habits that will last them a lifetime. And both parents and professionals want to help kids develop healthy habits when it comes to looking after their own health and wellbeing. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, it’s always good to know more about what schools can do to help children develop healthier habits, especially right now during the COVID19 pandemic.

COVID19 Safety Measures:

Implementing strong COVID19 safety measures in schools will help kids get into better habits not just during this pandemic but also around flu season, when COVID19 safety measures can be very effective at reducing the spread of the flu and even the common cold. BarrierLab offers plexiglass sneeze guards for schools that can not only be used to reduce the spread of COVID19 but also for educating kids on how they work and what we can all do to keep ourselves and others safe from COVID19 right now and in the future with other contagious illnesses.

Healthy Eating:

Since students get their lunch and sometimes breakfast at school every weekday, it’s an important part of their life and a great opportunity to teach children about healthy eating habits. Schools can use mealtimes to help children learn more about the importance of getting a balanced diet and what makes a good packed lunch or lunch choice from the canteen. It can be a good way for kids to try new foods and learn more about what’s available that they might not always eat at home.


Schools can also be a great influence when it comes to helping kids get more exercise. Kids don’t just get active in PE classes, but they can also get more physical activity from joining school sports clubs or cheerleading, which can help them also develop a sense of team spirit and learn about working well with others alongside increasing the amount of exercise that they get throughout the week.

Social Skills:

It’s not just physical healthy habits that schools can help kids with. School can also be a place where kids learn more about emotionally healthy habits like building friendships and how to empathize with others and ask for support when they need it. At school, teachers and other educational professionals can help by noticing when friendships and bonds are developing among children and offering support to help them navigate their social lives.

Mental Health:

Finally, school has the power to be a great influence in a child’s life when it comes to looking after their mental health. Schools can teach children about different mental health problems, how to spot them, and what to do to keep yourself mentally healthy. Since there is still quite a lot of stigma regarding mental illness these days, making it a key part of learning in school can help to reduce this and encourage people to be more open about their mental health struggles.

What healthy habits would you like your child to develop in school?