Top 4 Essential Tips for New Dog Owners

Did you know that over 48,000,000 households own a dog in the United States? If you are about to join the fellow new dog owners out there, then we have the top essential tips for new dog owners right here. We have put together this article to help you prepare for your new fur baby.

Keep reading to get in the know of these dog essentials.

1. Collar

It is really important to purchase a dog collar that is the right size. You also want to pick a collar that has a sturdy D-ring to attach a leash with a quick-release clasp for emergencies. One more thing that you might want to look for when choosing a collar is an extra loop where you can attach dog tags.

2. Prepare for Accidents and Behavior Issues

Next, you will want to be ready to deal with accidents if your new dog is not potty trained yet. You might want to look into helpful guides such as french bulldog potty training to have extra guidance on the steps you should take when going through the potty training phase.

There are usually some behavior issues you have to deal with in the beginning. Some dogs might bark excessively or others might chew on things when they are anxious. Either way, you want to be prepared to deal with these issues to keep them from escalating.

The first few days and months you will want to consider using positive reinforcement to teach your dog how you expect them to behave and to teach them the house rules.

3. Dog Food

Not all food is created equal for dogs so you want to make sure you choose food that is made with high-quality ingredients. You also want to choose food that is best for your dog’s size, age, and activity levels. Also, if they have any allergies you want to stay away from food that will exasperate or flare-up their allergies.

If you are not really sure you can ask your vet or choose a local specialty pet store with employees that are willing to help and guide you when choosing the best food.

4. Choose a Vet

You want to research the veterinarians in your area before deciding on one. It is important to develop a relationship with a vet that treats your dog well and that you and your fur baby trust. Visiting the vet soon after bringing your pet home is essential to learn what the vaccination schedule is and so that they can advise you on the best heartworm, tick, and flea preventatives.

Ready to Join Other Fellow New Dog Owners?

We hope that now that you have our top essential tips for new dog owners you are feeling less overwhelmed and more excited to become a pet parent.

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