How Wall Sits Can Help To Ease Your Lower Back Pain

There’s a variety of reasons why you’re suffering from back pain. If someone is not structurally sound, they may suffer from lower back pain, although simply lifting heavy items can result in an injury affecting the lower back. Over 500 million people worldwide suffer from a form of back pain and it’s the leading cause of disability today.

You may have already tried different ways to ease your pain, from hot and cold treatments, stretching, or in worse cases having pain relief prescribed by your physician. In any case, wall sits are a great exercise to benefit your spine.

So how do wall sits help with lower back pain? Keep reading to find out more.

Strengthen Muscles

This exercise targets more than just your lower back, you’ll find your glutes, hamstrings and abdominal muscles also benefit. Wall sits strengthen your lower body without putting stress on the painful areas, and increase muscular endurance. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed to achieve the best position.

The exercise activates those areas and builds muscle mass, and continuing exercise will bring blood flow to your lower back. Increased blood flow will aid in healing and help to fix your pain. The more you practice wall sits, the longer you’ll be able to hold the position as your muscles grow over time.

Improve Posture

In today’s society, sitting at a desk in the office incorrectly can result in bad posture, causing significant lower back pain. Wall sits are one of the best postural exercises you can do.

By maintaining your entire back on the wall and bringing your shoulders back, you’ll be able to activate the correct muscles and lengthen and open up your chest. You’ll find the stress on your shoulders reduced, and keep your head more in line with your body. Overall reducing the high pain in your lower back and keeping you in a more neutral position.

Enhance Mobility

Performing the wall sit exercises regularly can boost your mobility, balance, and flexibility. Your legs take your body weight, meaning your balance will increase. The physical movement involved in the exercises from leg lifts, upper arm movements, and sliding your back up and down the wall regularly allow for more flexibility.

To learn more about what you can achieve from performing Wall Sits, head over to Open Space Healing to read about core exercises.

Ready to Alleviate Your Lower Back Pain?

Now you know how wall sits benefit lower back pain, you’ll be ready and eager to give it a go. The best thing about wall sits is they can be practiced anywhere at any time, and there’s no equipment required.

Remember, reducing lower back pain of any kind is not an overnight fix. It requires dedication and patience over a period of time to start noticing solid results. If you want to challenge yourself, you can always include weights in your wall sit routine once you’ve established the basics.

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