What Questions Should I Ask a Medical Equipment Company?

The healthcare industry is the fastest-growing job sector, employing approximately 18 million people across the United States. This amounts to around one in every eight people being employed by a healthcare facility.

These healthcare facilities require an abundance of equipment to operate. From hospitals and doctor’s offices to urgent care clinics and rehabilitation centers, appropriate equipment (alongside dedicated healthcare workers) is the backbone of operations.

If you need to find a medical equipment company to help supply your healthcare facility, it can feel overwhelming. Ensuring you’ll have reliable equipment when you need it most is an important task. Continue reading to learn a handful of essential questions you should ask a medical equipment company.

What Is Their Experience in Your Specific Market?

Not all medical equipment companies cover every niche market. Some may only specialize in one or two areas, while others may cover most sectors. For example, if you operate an urgent care clinic, be sure to ask how many of these specifically the company has provided for.

There are many reasons to find a company with experience in your specific market or sector. It ensures the company used can satisfy regulatory standards and complete any filings that may be required. Experience also means they’re more likely to offer appropriate material selections.

What Are Their Operating Hours?

It’s essential to know when your point of contact or the customer service team will be available. These hours should (at a minimum) coincide with your own operating hours.

It’s also important to ask if you can submit emergency orders outside the company’s regular hours. In the medical field, things don’t always happen from nine to five. So you want a company you can trust to assist you when you need it most.

What Contact Methods Are Available To Reach Them?

When looking to use a company like KMS Medical Surgical Supply, be sure to ask which contact methods they use. The most common methods are via phone or email. However, some prefer to use texting or an alternative message service or form to place their orders.

What Is Their Product Selection Like?

A quality medical equipment company will have a wide range of products you could select from. They’ll understand the needs of each healthcare facility will vary dramatically.

Ask what brands they carry and if a listing of all available products is available. Question if there are any products or brands the company may not carry.

More Questions About Choosing a Medical Equipment Company?

Choosing a company to supply medical equipment for your facility can feel overwhelming. Having reliable equipment when you need it most is essential in caring for the health of your patients. By asking the questions above, you can ensure you find an equipment provider that works best for you.

Do you have more questions about choosing a medical equipment company?

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